Chrissy Teigen's tips for a beach-ready body

While you're committing to a pre-summer regimen filled with grilled chicken lunches and hours at the gym think about this: Supermodels also have some prep work to do before putting on a bikini. So says gorgeous Chrissy Teigen, the Thai-Norwegian stunner who has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue since 2010. Chrissy loves to eat -- which is one of the reasons why we love her -- and before a shoot forces herself to go hard with Pilates and a low-carb diet. We spoke to Teigen, who is engaged to singer John Legend, about her routine, how we can all feel confident while wearing relatively little, and her new swimwear line with diNeila Brazil. Watch this episode to see her suits which are made to flatter girls with curves and learn a surprising fact about Chrissy that we still can't believe!

The girl loves food and even has a blog to prove it. So boasts the tagline "personal random ramblings from a girl who loves bacon and can't be fat." An enthusiastic chef with a penchant for high-calorie fare, Chrissy admits she has to make major changes to her diet to get ready for prancing around in a teeny bikini. About two months before a big shoot, she’ll go low-carb and spend a ton of time working with her favorite Pilates instructor in New York City. Prepping her skin is also a big part -- moisturizing and shaving. She uses Gillette’s Venus & Olay razor, with five blades and a skin-conditioning moisture bar, which happens to be the first official razor of the SI Swimsuit Issue.

A big part of feeling confident on the beach is wearing a suit that flatters your shape. That was the motivation behind Chrissy’s tropical-print line. The well-constructed pieces provide support and firm you up in all the right places. There’s the classic triangle top, plus halter tops and bra tops and sexy, retro high-waisted bottoms with crisscross ties on the side.

Check out the collection at and check out Chrissy’s latest in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on newsstands now.

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