Christian Siriano on Static Cling, Style, and Celeb Crushes

We have all experienced

embarrassing fashion moments that we’d like to forget, but luckily,

designer Christian Siriano has teamed up with Bounce to give us the

opportunity to laugh at those fashion faux pas. With the "Stick it and

Forget it” sweepstakes comes the chance to win a new winter wardrobe

styled by Siriano, and, more importantly the opportunity to learn from

past style mistakes. The Thread spoke with the wildly success "Project

Runway" winner and red carpet master to see what trends he'd like to see

go away, and who he wishes he could style.

The Thread: How did you get involved with the Bounce "Stick it and Forget it” sweepstakes?


Siriano: We were just talking to the girls in my office--they come in

and their dresses are all staticky so [the Bounce dryer bar] really

helps with that. You just don't need to think about [static] every day.

The whole idea of "Stick it and Forget it" is what it's all about! I

think that's why it's really cute, it just really makes sense. We're

going to tell the girls in my office to use it--"Put it in [your dryer]!

You need it. Everyday your dress is up your bum!"...The point of [the

sweepstakes] is that we all have our "fashion faux pas" moments and with

this great product what's important is building awareness. And if you

have a faux pas moment and you win [the sweepstakes], you can get a

GREAT fashion moment. We're going to shop, you come to my store, I'm

going to personally style you--which I think will be a fun thing.

You've styled so many on the red carpet. Do you have a most memorable styling fashion faux pas?


[In the beginning of my styling career] I've definitely dressed some

people and afterwards thought, "Oh, I wish I didn't put that girl in

that dress," or "I wish her stylist didn't pull it that way," but I

don't ever think I've had a horrible, disaster moment yet. Which I'm

happy about! But, there are always these [red carpet looks] that are

risky. When we dressed Christina Hendricks for the Golden Globes in

2010--in a peach, ruffled dress--it definitely turned heads. And listen:

a peach, ruffled gown is NOT for everyone. So maybe that could have

been a "bad moment" for some people but that's the hard thing--you just

have to love it and forget it. I think she looked amazing.

TT: Your Fall 2013 runway show is coming up--what should we expect this Saturday?


It's very regal, a little inspired by Russian opera and that kind of

world--a little inspired by the opera houses' interior spaces, and this

kind of [operatic] woman and her life story. Very dark, very glamourous,

very opulent--that was kind of the whole idea.

TT: What's the toughest part of your Fashion Week process?


It's hard, it's all so much. The hardest thing is to make your

collection feel modern, to make it feel right now. Well, no--to actually

make it six months ahead. To go, "Ok, in six months, are people going

to really want to wear this?" So that's a tough thing to think about.

And also, it's a lot of work for any young brand to run a full

collection--cast models, do fittings--it's a lot to balance. My team is

fitting girls right now. It's a late-night thing, a very unglamourous

world with pizza in the office (which is not healthy but you gotta do


You've styled so many style icons--from P!nk to Taylor Swift to Anne Hathaway. Who would you like to style you haven't yet?


I have a very long list. I get really in to people that I'm interested

in, in the moment. If I see a movie and I love that actress, that's all I

think about for the next six months. [All I can think is] "I want to

send stuff to her!!" So, someone like Drew Barrymore--who I always say

that I love, because I really do. Cate Blanchett [is another one] who I

think is amazing. [But] to be honest, I've gotten to dress some of my

dream clients, which is pretty great. Even though I do have a long

[wish]list, I think it's important to keep the relationships I already

have--to dress those people again. If I'm a fan of them, too, it's

important, because you can't say yes to everyone--it has to be right for

me and my world and it has to be right for them.

We're in the midst of awards season--who do you think crushes it on the red carpet? Who is your style crush?


Very tough. I like very different types of people--people like Sofia

Vergara and Christina Hendricks who have body and a beautiful shape and

show it off in the right way. But then I love creepy, weird little girls

like Rooney Mara. [They're] kind of timid, but also very sexy, which I

think is kind of cool. I think Rooney always looks beautiful, but I

think Sofia always looks beautiful--two totally different types of

women, but that's why I like it--they do it right for their world.

TT: Do you have one trend you wish would go away


My biggest thing is underdressing. It's not really a "trend" but I

think it's something that people don't really think about as much. I

always love a little bit of overdress and underdress (because it's fun),

but there are just some people who don't take the time to make

themselves feel good about [what they're wearing] and that's what we

want [in the designer world].

TT: If you could name one fashion staple that every girl should have, what would it be?


The classics. You need to have a beautiful black dress--whatever that

may be. I'm really in to a very tailored circle dress, a classic shape

but flirty. I think that's a good black dress option. I don't think it

HAS to be sexy. And then I think you have to have a nice blazer, but

what's great now is that it doesn't have to be black. It can be colored,

print, brocade--whatever it is, but I think that's something that you

[need]. And then statement shoes. Everyone knows that you have to have a

black pump--let's not even talk about it--but I would rather every girl

have a fabulous, cool shoe in their wardrobe than basic black.

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