Closet Crashing with the Infamous White House Crasher

Whether you loved or hated the sparkling red and gold sari Michaele Salahi wore to the White House state dinner last fall, let's face it, you remember it, right? We spoke with "The Real Housewives of D.C." star, who just revealed her struggle with MS, about her statement-making fashion philosophy and where the red sari is headed.

At one time, Michaele admits the only color in her closet was black, black and more black. Even brown felt like a risk. For special events she now works with a stylist who has edged her into bright hot pinks and saturated jewel tones and the fashion horizon has opened up. It doesn't hurt that she's built like a lanky supermodel, either.

As for the infamous custom-made lehenga, it will be auctioned off on October 2nd with proceeds to benefit both the Clinton-Bush Haiti fund and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Washington DC. "I've had a lot of fantastic offers for the dress," she says, but her goal was to take something that "turned out very crazy for me" and do some good. We can't argue that!


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