Coachella Weekend One: Get the Trends!

Here I am again, not at Coachella. I'm not rocking out to live music with my bare toes in the grass, not wearing a cute mini dress, my tousled hair not blowing in the desert wind. I did, however, dress a bit like I was on the festival circuit this weekend, and I intend on continuing straight through next weekend, when Coachella will STILL be going on. Sitting at my desk on Monday morning in sunny NYC, I am getting a great deal of joy from clicking through paparazzi snaps of celebrities and their wacky Coachella outfits. Below are two of my favorites and some options to copycat the style. Model Dree Hemingway looks so fresh, Italian and breezy in Dolce & Gabbanna, rocking the bare midriff trend, while Lindsay Lohan, back to her gorgeous strawberry roots, looks ultra glam in monochromatic white with neon accents.

Dree Hemingway: The Bare Midriff



 Top, Skirt, Belt, Shoes & Bag.

Lindsay Lohan: Monochromatic White With Neon Accents

  Dress, Sweater, Sunglasses, Bag, Shoes & Ring.

Ariel's on twitter, whining about not being at Coachella.

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