Fake It 'Til You Make It: 5 Easy, Slimming Wardrobe Pieces To Wear Until You Get Back In Shape

There are two Facebook statuses that rule my news feed these days. Those who announce to their friends each workout they complete and/or what healthy meal they consume, and those who want those people to just shut up about it. It doesn't matter to me which category you fall into (I'm the Queen of the overshare; follow me on Twitter!), by the way, because aren't we all just a group of people bound by our desire to look thinner?

Until those pounds start melting off, however, you can PRETEND you're thinner! Below are five easy wardrobe essentials that will seemingly shave pounds off, and you probably already own a few of them since they've been in style for what seems like years already!

1. T by Alexander Wang, about $78.A DRAPE-NECK CARDIGAN works wonders for virtually every frame and here's why: the wide neck and loose body conceals whatever damage your holiday eating did to your torso while the slim arms give the appearance that you're slim everywhere. It's an optical illusion! For bonus slim-down points, wear it with similarly-hued pants and boots for a monochromatic (read: slimming!) look.

Asos.com, about $63.2. A FITTED-WAIST DRESS WITH RUCHING is essential for a woman's body because it reminds everyone (and yourself) that you have a waist at all, and the ruching does a magical job of concealing unsightly bulges. Choose one in a bright color because, who ever said you had to hide?

Steve Madden, $129.95.3. SLOUCHY BOOTS are amazing in the winter when paired with tights, leggings or skinny jeans because they give the illusion that your calves are simply too svelte to hold them up, hence the bagginess around your ankles. Fooled ya!

Nordstrom, $16.4. A LONG PENDANT NECKLACE is streamlining and it draws the eyes downward. It tricks our silly human eyes into thinking that since the jewelry is long and thin, so is the wearer!

 Urban Outfitters, $29.99.5. A BACKPACK! I know. Insane, right? Backpacks are back in a huge way this year and besides having utilitarian properties like evenly distributing the weight of your belongings while in transit and allowing for hands-free living, get this: they hide back fat! You know, the unsightly drooping you get under your bra line. They also force you to stand up straighter by pulling your shoulders back, and if our grandmothers taught us anything, it's that standing up straight makes you look thinner (and more confident).

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