What Josh Duhamel, Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington hope you don't wear

Tell me if this has happened to you: You pick up something new and trendy that you’re excited about. Say, a peplum skirt or a pair of sexy peach-colored skinny jeans. You get dressed for a night out with your guy, and when he sees your outfit he just kind of. . . looks at you. If you press it, he helplessly admits he “doesn’t get it," finds the ensemble unflattering, confusing, silly-looking or all of the above. It’s not just your guy. We asked some of our favorite Hollywood hotties which fashion trends they find most unappealing of women and the answers were very interesting. See what Josh Duhamel, Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, Zac Efron, and others would rather not see ladies wear— and then dress however you want, of course.

Many of these guys have extremely fashion-forward ladies in their lives, I’d just like to point out. Yet, they’re certifiably repelled by certain edgy looks. For some, pants are an issue. John Krasinski is not a fan of capris. He’s really not a fan of denim capris. (I have to give him that one.) Denzel Washington is more than tired of supertight pants. If they don’t fit a person, I agree. But if you have a Gisele-type figure, I say, wear them 24/7! Scott Speedman’s pet peeve is all the way on the other end of the spectrum. Instead of bandage-tight garments, it’s the slouchy, droopy baggy shorts that make his hit list. (I’d like to counter that surfer-chic baggy jean shorts are the exception.) The adorable Jake T. Austin said what I think many feel but are afraid to admit, lest 90% of the actresses in Hollywood take offense: Uggs are ugly. He speaks the truth.

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