Five simple reminders to keep your skin protected and hydrated this winter

As the cold weather intensifies, we get excited about changing our wardrobe (fall coats! cozy sweaters!), but we need to make some adjustments to our beauty regimen as well. Here are some quick and easy adjustments we can all make now that will leave us with healthy, happy skin come spring.

Cut down on hot showers. They feel so good this time of year, but extremely hot, long showers and baths dry out our skin even more.

Use a moisturizer with SPF. We're used to this when the sun is blazing, but dermatologists are adamant that we keep up our SPF protection all year round. Even when it's hazy or cloudy out, the UV rays are at work.

Humidify. Sleeping with a humidifier on can help add moisture to your skin and combat a dry, hoarse throat at the same time.

Hydrate! If downing cold water when it's cold out is difficult for you, herbal teas will help get the job done.

Eat winter "beauty" foods. Squash is packed with Vitamin A, which helps with cell growth. The beta carotene in carrots protects against UV damage. All kinds of mushrooms can help improve skin elasticity and reduce inflammation

Below is a video featuring a dermatologist discussing skin protection. She's got some great guidelines for determining the proper SPF. This video was provided to us by our good friends and sponsor, Olay.

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