Found: Outrageously Expensive Shoes In Every Category

Isn't it the worst when a celebrity is wearing a gorgeous pair of shoes and you find out who the designer is and click to see if you can adopt them and take them home and build them a shrine in your closet, but then realize, at hundreds of dollars, they cost half your month's rent and you just exhale incredibly loudly and locate the look-for-less option? Those shoes are worth PENNIES in comparison to the ones in this gallery. Take a look: is any of this footwear - - you know, the thin layer between your sweaty feet and the pavement - - actually worth it?

Burberry, $4,350. Alligator loafer-wedge-heel hybrids.
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Fri, Dec 9, 2011 5:53 PM EST

Ariel's on Twitter and she loves making your shoe dreams come true - - for pennies.

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