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We love to get hair inspiration from our favorite stars, especially during awards season when they go all out with messy side buns or high-volume waves. But re-creating their looks can be challenging. Herbal Essences has made it easy to find customized DIY instructions and hair products on the product selector page of their website. In this episode, we challenge two Thread viewers to give it a shot. Megan adds waves to her long, straight, blonde locks, while Danielle uses the proper product and technique to transform her curly locks into a work-week blowout.


If you don’t have your own personal hairstylist—you do now.  Type your hair profile (length, texture, type) into the product hookup on Herbal, select the look you want to try and you’ll get step-by-step instructions to create everything from beachy waves to romantic curls to easy updos. You can even click-to-buy the products you’ll need right from this page.

Megan wanted to add some waves to her long, straight locks.  She started with wet hair, added some extra hold spray gel and used the blow-dryer. She created waves with a large-barrel curling iron, one section at a time. When finished, she wrapped each section in Velcro rollers until set. When the hair was cool, she removed the rollers and added some Set Me Up max hold hairspray.

Danielle set out to transform her curly hair into a frizz-free blowout. She added volumizing mousse to her wet hair. She used two round brushes and a hair dryer to straighten her hair and add volume.  Here’s a creative tip: Coat a makeup brush with hairspray and use it to tamp down any unruly strands.

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