Get your glow on for Halloween

I've been in a bit of a panic this week because everyone I know (including my 5-year-old twins) has not only decided on but purchased their Halloween gear. The best part of Halloween to me is seeing what hilarious fashion-oriented-pop-culture-referencing costumes people come up with. Anyone can be a ghost or a witch but how much more fun is it to see someone as bride-to-be Bella Swan or Rachel Zoe or a Real Housewife? Two Halloween’s ago my costume set a personal high (I was a blonde-wigged Kate Hudson and my husband was a fake-muscled-up A-Rod) and ever since it’s been to hard figure out the next.Then I came across a very cool new product by Make Up For Ever called Fluo Night Black Light Pigment ($31) and with it, I’m going back to the '80s (or is it early '90s?). Here’s how it works: You add the translucent powder with a sponge or a brush on top of makeup that you already have, say, a lipstick or an eye shadow or even a hair gel. In regular light you will look like your normal made-up self but when the lights go out, you’re transformed. The pigment glows in the dark. Apply it with a brush or a sponge. Just be careful where the pigment falls or you’ll go glow all over.

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