Give Boring Winter Fashion The Boot With These Under $100 Trends!

Trust: there is nothing I loathe more than covering up my tan summer legs with thick, itchy, moisture-removing tights and squeezing my born-to-be-barefoot tootsies into a pair of heavy leather shoes. But with the privilege of residing in New York City comes the enterprise of wearing boots. Luckily, boots can be way cute. They toughen up those flouncy, girly dresses we all love to wear. They make such an authoritative stomp as we walk down the street with purpose. Also, they're practical.

This winter's crop of boots promises something for everyone. And since I firmly believe that style can always be had for a fraction of what you think it costs to look awesome, every single one of the options below (and in the gallery!) are under $100. You can all thank my mom, who has never paid full retail price for anything, and who has taught me everything I know on the subject of impressing for less.

Tommy Hilfiger, $88. Weather-proof Boots

Let's start with the most utilitarian. If it contains rubber, it's going to keep the accumulated precipitation out. Bonus points if it's lined with something warm and fuzzy. With rubber rain boots (my personal snow-repelling preference), wear extremely luxurious, fluffy cashmere socks.

Minnetonka, $89.99.Fringe Boots

These cheeky little boots are just the thing you need to add some quirky fun to your look. It's like a swingin' little party at your feet. Wear with skinny jeans and a big cozy sweater. Done.

Charlotte Russe, $48.50. Lace-up Ankle Boots

Winter's answer to looking cool and sexy while keeping warm, the perfect pair hugs your foot and pairs very well with tights and mini dresses or long, side-slit '70s-style dresses.

Michael Antonio, $47.99.Wedge Boots

Want to add height but stay steady on your feet? Wedges, girlfriend. Pair with patterned tights or high-waisted trouser jeans.

Target, $39.99.Sleek, Flat Boots

This boot is the structured blazer of the footwear world; pull them and and feel instantly polished. Wear with anything from leggings to corduroys to dresses, and everything in between.

Amazon, $68.
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Thu, Nov 3, 2011 5:48 PM EDT
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