Hollywood’s Top 5 Fashionable Moms

When you have limited amounts of time and energy— and what mom doesn't— it's hard to make dressing fashionably a priority. These five Hollywood moms, however, have managed to keep up their distinctive styles on and off the red carpet. See if you agree with our ranking and see how to get each mom's trademark look on a budget.

Sometimes we pay more attention to our kid's wardrobe than our own, right? But the truth is, wearing something cute and flattering can have a significant effect on the way we feel. It's not shallow, it's just reality.

Whatever your style may be, these five moms can more than likely provide some wardrobe inspiration.  Gwen Stefani never leaves the house without her bright red lipstick. Nicole Richie has perfected the art of Boho chic dressing. Nobody does "polished preppy" better than Michelle Obama. Kelly Ripa's flirty, feminine wardrobe of jewel-toned mini dresses is my holy grail. And, last but not least, with her slimming collection of comfy black, white and grey staples, Angelina Jolie may have hit upon the ideal supermom uniform.  Everything matches!

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Wed, Jul 13, 2011 6:32 PM EDT

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