Hollywood’s Ageless Beauties: Can You Guess Their Actual Age?

Age is a funny thing. We spend half our life trying to look older than we are and then the other half trying to dial back the clock. The truth is, aside from the obvious, lots of things can "age" us. The way we dress, our makeup choices, the way we do (or don't) take care of our skin, all play a role. Today we're nominating the five stars who are doing everything right in the ageless department.

Yes, genetics play a role, too. But there are certain stars who look nearly a decade younger than their resume says. See if you can guess the real ages of the five below:

1. "Modern Family" star, Julie Bowen, still finds time to run marathons, star in a hit TV show and showcase her glowy, flawless skin on the red carpet.

2. Talk show queen, Ellen DeGeneres, is a CoverGirl, a vegan and a pretty great hip hop dancer.

3. Actress/rocker/mom-of-two, Jada Pinkett Smith, has stunning, wrinkle-free skin and loves to experiment with her fashion.

4. "Entourage" hottie, Emmanuelle Chriqui, favors understated makeup, mini-dresses and oversized hoops earrings.

5. Cross-over country pop singer and mom, Shania Twain, looks even sexier now than she did when we first met her in the early 1990s.

3. (38). 1. (40) 2. (52). 5. (45). 4. (32)

Is there another ageless beauty that you'd like to nominate? Post a comment on our Facebook page!


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