How to get a bikini-ready body

Wouldn't it be an amazing feeling to head into summer with a bikini-ready body? Everyone has their own idea of what "bikini-ready" means to them. For me, it means being toned and strong, not see-your-ribs skinny. The good news is, there's still time! To get some tips we headed out to Los Angeles for OK! Magazine's Body & Soul event, where celebrity trainers put Thread viewers through the Venus Bikini-Ready Boot Camp. Check out their fitness suggestions and let us know if they work for you.

There are so many myths about fitness. One of the them is that you have to exercise hours and hours to see results. Celebrity trainer Ashley Conrad who puts P.Diddy and Penelope Cruz through sets of lunges and sprints, says even a half hour a day can be transformative. She demo-ed multi-tasking exercises that use your own body weight and can be done anywhere. Holding a one-arm plank, for example, works arms and core and pretty much everything else if you're doing it right.

Another myth is that exercise is the only thing you need to achieve the body you want. Not true. Andrea Orbeck, the woman responsible for the physiques of the Victoria's Secret crew (i.e. best bodies on earth) reminded us that you have to do the nutrition as well as the work.

Yogi Cameron, celebrity yoga instructor, added another important ingredient to the mix: flexibility. If our muscles are tight and stiff, not only will we be prone to injury but we won't get that lean, elongated shape we're after.

It was a fantastic day of tips and gifts! Since the last step to looking great on the beach is a close shave that leaves your skin smooth, participants left with beach towels, Venus Embrace razors and Venus Bikini kits.

A BIG thank you to our Thread viewers out in California--Amber, Dana, Christie, Crystal, Erica and Kristen--for breaking a sweat and sharing their summer beauty tips. Do you have any diet and fitness tips to share? Let us know by posting on our Facebook wall!

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