How to get your body red-carpet ready

Right now, all over Hollywood, stars are stepping up their beauty and fitness regimens to make it through the red carpet marathon that is awards season. Sofia Vergara sweats it out with celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson. Jennifer Aniston flows through yoga poses with Mandy Ingber and a newly svelte Mariah Carey is sticking with Jenny Craig while burning calories with trainer Bernardo Coppola. What if we use their efforts as the inspiration to kick off our own healthy self-improvement project? You don't need to shell out the money for a trainer and nutritionist but you do need to watch this episode! “Today” show health expert Joy Bauer lays out the steps we can all take to lose weight, add a glow to our skin and shine to our hair, and feel energized, even if we’re days away from our big event.


In theory, we get that little changes can lead to big results. But when it comes to making adjustments in our daily routine, what do those changes look like, exactly? “Today” show health expert Joy Bauer suggests the following to get us red-carpet ready like the stars:

Go orange

Eat 2 cups of bright orange veggies--raw or roasted--every day. Carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and butternut squash are all rich in beta carotene, which Joy calls “nature’s exfoliant,” as it helps rid the skin of old cells.

Think green

Also, add 3 to 4 cups of dark leafy green veggies (spinach, Swiss chard, kale) to your daily menu plan. Greens have beta carotene plus vitamin C, which is essential for shiny hair.

Eat protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Iron-rich proteins like salmon, sardines, shrimp, egg whites, skinless poultry, beans and lentils help create luscious hair and help keep you feeling fuller longer.

Spice up your meals

Go for the hot sauce and jalapenos, as they will suppress your appetite and slightly speed up your metabolism.


Lay off the salt, calorie bombs, and artificial sweeteners

You already know this, but we’ll say it again: Salt brings on the bloat. Super-calorific meals will lead to weight gain. But did you know that artificial sweeteners can intensify cravings for sweets because they keep the sweet taste on your taste buds (and your mind) longer than the real thing?


Do 500 jumping jacks every day

In addition to your regular workout, get them in any way you can-- all at once or in sets of 100 --and you will burn an extra 700 calories a week.


Get enough sleep

At least 7 hours each night. When you do, the hormones that keep you full and satisfied will be nice and high, and the hormones that scream “feed me!” (yup, we all have those) will be nice and low.


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