The best plus-sized pants for the plus-sized woman

No matter what size you are, finding a pair of pants that fit your shape perfectly is a near impossibility. And if you do, it’s like winning the clothing lottery: You can’t believe it, and you wonder if it will ever happen again. Plus-size fashion expert and stylist Ashley Falcon says it’s even harder for full-figured ladies to find a cut that makes them feel good. In this episode Falcon doles out advice on stylish items to take into the dressing room as you stock up on your spring finds.

Customize this as you wish, but here are some helpful guidelines from Ashley Falcon for finding the best shapes that flatter a plus-sized figure. A general rule: Dark colors (black, indigo) are the most slimming. Also, make sure to balance a wider leg with a tighter top and a tighter leg with a looser blouse.

Wide-Leg trousers

This shape is the most universally flattering as it creates a long leg line. Avoid pants with front pleats as they inevitably add bulk in the tummy area. Wear these trousers with a patterned top and sexy pumps.


Control-top leggings

Black leggings tucked into boots and paired with an oversized tunic, is the most flattering option for subtly showing off your legs. The control-top slims your middle so there won't be any bulges under your top. 


Stretch Denim

Find a pair of dark jeans with a bit of give -- a boot cut is the most forgiving-- and consider tailoring them for a custom fit. As Ashley says, you’d be surprised by how much of an effect taking in an inch here or there can have.


Bold-colored pants

You read that right. Jeans in every color of the rainbow are the trend this season. Plus-sized girls can rock this look by going for a solid color (avoid the patterned options) and styling them with a black blazer and a metallic top.

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