How to wear summer shorts

Sundresses are usually my go-to summer staple but the must-have wardrobe item this summer is shorts. There are so many options from edgy to elegant and you never have to worry about revealing too much or sticking to the subway seats- a plus during an NYC summer. In this episode, we enlisted the help of Amy, a Thread viewer, to show off the best way to wear five popular shorts styles. See which one you like best and check out our blog below for an affordable head-to-toe option of each!

If it looks like we spent the day hanging out by the water, styling different shorts-centric looks and soaking up the sun, well, we did! It was a pretty great day at the office. All of us at The Thread are loving the fact that there are so many different styles of shorts right now-- so many that everyone is sure to find something that fits their taste. However, all that choice means you have to think about styling a little more carefully. To take some of the trial and error out of it, here's a guide to wearing five of our favorite shorts looks.

Printed shorts. Keep tops a solid color or, if you're adventurous enough to mix prints, make sure to keep them in the same color family. Add some statement jewelry and bohemian shoes.

Topshop shorts, $70.Topshop shorts, $70.

Nordstrom necklace, $22.Nordstrom necklace, $22.Delia's tank, $19.50.Delia's tank, $19.50.

DSW sandals, $44.95.DSW sandals, $44.95.

Colored denim. The more electric the better. Treat them as you would your classic blue jeans-- they can still have the strings hanging down-- and pair them with a loose-fitting basic tee and flat sandals.

Forever 21 shorts, $11.50.Forever 21 shorts, $11.50.Asos tee, $25.Asos tee, $25.Target sandal, $15.Target sandal, $15.

The short suit. Here's a sophisticated option that you can wear to the office or dress up for evening. We love the look of tailored seersucker, but a crisp white or bright color option also works.

Gap blazer, $98.Gap blazer, $98.

Gap shorts, $39.95.Gap shorts, $39.95.DSW pumps, $44.95.DSW pumps, $44.95.

Culottes. Yep, it's a nod to the '80s. The mini short-shirt hybrid is functional (no wardrobe malfunctions), and our favorites have feminine details like lace, scalloped edging, or floral prints. Add a belt to add some structure to the look.

Anthropologie culottes, $48.Anthropologie culottes, $48.Asos belt, $11.Asos belt, $11.Old Navy tank, $8.50.Old Navy tank, $8.50.

High-waisted shorts. Make sure you tuck in your top when you wear these and make sure the shorts have a good fit. If they're too tight, it won't be flattering on the tummy area. We love belted and sailor-style.

Arden B. sailor shorts, $24.50.Arden B. sailor shorts, $24.50.Modcloth top, $42.99.Modcloth top, $42.99.Kohl's wedges, $24.99.Kohl's wedges, $24.99.

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