Jessica Alba spotted in $44 lavender jeans

Right now I've got every color of the rainbow on my jeans shopping list. I have a cobalt blue pair and a red. I was debating going in again for electric yellow or that awesome orangey-pink. But then I saw this. Jessica Alba’s “Lavender Thistle” American Eagle jeans ($44.50) are a respite from the usual dark denim look, but unlike some of the more saturated neon shades, you can wear them in pretty much any situation. If you style them with something simple and classic, like one of those wardrobe staples we're always going on and on about (black blazer!) they can look sophisticated and, frankly, office-appropriate.  Ms. Alba, in fact, was spotted wearing her jeans en route to work.

If you want to go beyond the black and white zone, the great thing about lavender’s cool tone is that it will work with the same pieces you’d wear with your regular blue denim.

Tuck the jeans into ankle booties or roll up the bottoms and pair them with strappy sandals or flats.

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Will this help YOU amplify your style?