Jessica Simpson vs. Kim Kardashian: Who Wore It Better?

I am incredibly annoyed at the existence of both of these fame-courting women right now, almost too mad to care about how they styled their Love Sam leopard-print tunics, but not quite there, yet. Almost, though.

Let’s start with the elusively prego Jessica Simpson (who I defended at first when she was refusing to admit she was with-child, because it is her right as a woman to carry to term without once confirming anything to anyone but then realized she was just trying to sell her story to the highest bidder). In a move that is quite derivative of one Ms. Britney Spears’ maternity style, Jessica has teamed her flowy, animal-print top with a pair of very short cutoffs and – GASP! – patent leather stiletto heels. Not only is this incredibly painful to look at, I’m pretty sure it’s downright dangerous for the baby.

Next we’ll take a look at Kim Kardashian. She actually looks relatively slammin’ in this outfit. The top looks great paired with those luxurious leather skinnies and her criss-cross black platform booties which add the right amount of height and edge and the whole thing is just perfectly calculated, like anything a Kardashian touches.

To whom will you award the honor? Jessica Simpson and her devil-may-care look, or Kim Kardashian, with that sultry, contemporary thing she does so well?

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