Funny lady Melissa McCarthy cleans it up

This week The Thread got to mingle with the gorgeous/hilarious Emmy-winning Melissa McCarthy at Ivory’s reinvention party in New York City. And you can talk to her too! As Ivory’s new brand ambassador, the mom-of- two will be the host of Soap Dish, Ivory's new online Facebook community for modern moms.


Melissa McCarthy is a very busy lady these days. She’s the star of "Mike & Molly" on CBS and just filmed Judd Apatow’s sequel to “Knocked Up.” She’s launching her own plus-sized fashion line (the black leather pants she was wearing when we met were her own design) AND she's mom to her two little ladies Vivian and Georgette. As Ivory’s brand ambassador, Melissa will be sharing all the trials and joys of modern mom life on “Soap Dish” their new online Facebook community where fans are invited to come and vent, exchange ideas, share stories and support each other. As Melissa says, if you comment on the site that you served your kids pudding for dinner, chances are someone else will say, “Don’t worry! I did that twice this week! You’re still a great mom.”

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