Miley's $9 Neon Top

Has anyone else noticed that Miley Cyrus looks incredible lately? She's got a defined style and an air of confidence that's not always common within 19-year-old girls.

While doing her thing around Toluca Lake, CA, she tucked a $9 Forever 21 slouchy neon slub tee into a pair of shredded, studded black Urban Outfitters cutoffs and accessorized with Chuck Taylors, a massive black leather Chanel tote, boxy shades, a printed headband, matte pink lips and her new engagement ring.

I know this look isn't worthy of the red carpet, nor is it likely to land her at the top of a best dressed list, but she's really nailing that off duty model/summer festival/cool girl style that we all love so much. 

Do you agree? Do you hate her look? Are you a little skeptical of a marriage that begins at 19, but as a feminist feel that you want to support a woman's right to do anything she feels is best for her? Let me know.

Ariel's almost ten years older than Miley Cyrus, also engaged, and on Twitter.


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