Pippa works a Peter Pan collar and you can too

undefinedSometimes a trend arrives with a bang. Suddenly everyone’s wearing orange, say. Or you look around and there’s not one person on the street who doesn’t own a pair of colored jeans. And sometimes a trend creeps up on you. The Peter Pan collar— a small, flat, rounded collar— has been steadily gaining momentum since last spring. The look has a mod ‘60s vibe, so it makes sense that the “pixie cut set”—Emma Watson, Carrie Mulligan, Michelle Williams— were early adopters. Now even Pippa Middleton (left) is getting in on the look with this black and white Susanna dress ($750). Some have called her styling “Pilgrim-ish,” which I think is a little harsh. I would have skipped the opaque tights and gone with a low ponytail to show off the collar. But, still, I give Pippa the thumbs up for being on trend.

Will you be giving this retro look a try? Here are a few affordable options to inspire you:

Silk lace blouse from Zara, $49.90

Forever 21 polka dot shirt with lace trimmed collar, $17.80

 Rare dress from Asos with embellished Peter Pan collar, $118.17

Will this help YOU amplify your style?