Year-Round Fashion Essential

At the beginning of every season, there are so many pieces I want
to buy it's hard to control myself. I've figured out that I
can indulge in some trends if I've already stocked my closet with
versatile, year-round basics to wear with them. Check out our list
of five fashion staples that will take you through each season.

There's always something we're dying to have at the start of a new
season. If you stock up on versatile basics, then you can augment
with affordable versions of the trends you love. Here with The
Thread checklist of the five pieces you must have in your

1. A Little Black Dress. It can be any shape, any sleeve length,
but you need to have at least one of these, preferably one made
with a jersey fabric that you can throw in the washing machine for
easy, affordable care.

2. A White Button-down. An American classic—this is one of my
favorite summer looks. A button down and jeans shorts.

3. Dark Trouser Jeans. Fits and washes go in and out of style but
trouser cuts are always classic and classy! They're also the most
universally flattering.

4. A Bright, Lightweight Scarf. This is not just a winter
item—gauzy summer scarves dress up t-shirts and help battle frigid
office air-conditioning!

5. A Grey Merino Sweater. Grey is the new black AND the new
white. It's a neutral that looks good with virtually every

Will this help YOU amplify your style?