Sarah’s Beauty Bar

The great thing about the world of beauty is that new products hit the market every day of the week. That's also the not-so-great thing. How are we to know what will make our lives easier, our skin shinier and our look more on trend? Well, that's where this blog comes in. Every day I'll be updating this selection with carefully curated list of brand new finds-- tools, makeup, haircare stuff-- and tell you why it's worth your while. To begin, here's five new things you should own right now.


Mascara is an everyday essential as far as I'm concerned but sometimes you want a even bigger look. Most people are a little afraid of fake eyelashes but the truth is they are one of the most inexpensive ways ($8!) to add serious drama to a look. If you take good care of them (i.e. rinse the glue off after use) you can get a few nights out of one pair. The trend right now is for strip eyelashes in exaggerated lengths that incorporate feathers, glitter, even lace. I say go for ones that are a little longer than you might feel comfortable and remember that you can always trim them once they're on.


Everyone needs a night cream. Let's just agree on that. It's never too early to start paying attention to the fact that your skin loses moisture like crazy while you're sleeping and moisture loss leads to all sorts of things you don't want, from wrinkles to dryness. Since you're going to use it every day you want something you can slather on with abandon. There's terrific science behind this Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream which is budget-friendly, in addition to simply having a fantastic consistency.


One of the best ways to ensure you take your makeup off at the end of the day is to make it as easy as possible. There's nothing easier than pulling one of these "Yes To" cucumber scented wipes out of their packaging and rubbing it across your face. The package reseals so the rest of the hypoallergenic towelettes won't dry out (a pet peeve of mine) and you don't have to deal with cotton swabs or dirtying up wash cloths. If you're really lazy, like I am, keep a pack by your bedside table so you have no excuse.


If you feel like hair spray doesn't give you a touchable result, we'd like to introduce you to styling mousse. If you're thinking 1980s vertical bangs, trust us. Spray a dollop of Aussie's Opposites Attract mousse, about the size of a large marshmallow, into your hand and run it through your hair while it's still wet. You can blow dry or curl as you normally would and the product will add a smooth texture to your hair, plus help the look hold firm.


If you think about how many makeup sponges you use and throw away, this adorable looking egg-shaped Beauty Blender sponge is an excellent solution. For one thing it's washable and reusable. It also happens to be ergonomically functional. The rounded side fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and the tip is pointed just enough for infallible blending. You can use it to apply foundation and also as a finishing touch to soften up eyeshadow.

Will this help YOU amplify your style?