Shiny, Sparkly, Glittery Treats For Under $20? Shoshanna's Your Girl.

It's not her bold colors or her fabrics, although those do factor into it. The main reason I love Shoshanna's clothes is because she knows how to cut a piece for the maximum amount of figure flattery. She's not a straight-up-and-down girl and she knows that most of us aren't either. Her flirty, feminine dresses are tight in the right places, not as tight in others. And some of them practically come with built-in accessories like intricate beading which doubles as a statement necklace.

So when we heard she was starting her own fashion jewelry line, Shoshanna's Fashion Jewelry Essentials on QVC, it all made sense. With mentor, fine jewelry designer, Judith Ripka, - Shoshanna's the face of Ripka's ad campaign- she just launched a 15-piece collection, with prices starting at $19.75.

We checked in with Shoshanna to find out more...

Now that you're on QVC, have you seen the Joan Rivers documentary?
No, I missed it! I'm dying to see it though. I've been studying her.

How would you describe your line?
Youthful, modern fashion jewelry. They're statement pieces that go together, but they're not ultimately matchy. I think we cover a lot of bases in a woman's wardrobe. Almost every piece is available in a gunmetal, a gold and a silver tone. I actually based one design on a vintage piece my mom has. I've always loved costume jewelry and when I was a teenager my mom and I would go to vintage jewelry stores together. I'd find really special crystal necklaces. I was always on the lookout for something different.

Sounds like your jewelry love affair started pretty young.
It's true. I think it was because of my frustration with fashion and not being able to wear the things I wanted to because my body was super curvy. Clothes either didn't fit right or didn't look appropriate. I could never wear my first choice because my first choice made me look 21 when I was 15. Jewelry gave me options.

What do you say to people who think "old lady" when they hear "costume jewelry" or "fashion jewelry", as you call it?
I'd say, they're right. A lot of it is old lady-ish. I wanted timeless and great quality. I would wear every single piece of my line with jeans and black leggings and a grey tank and boyfriend blazer.

Is that your go-to look?
I do kind of have a uniform, but I always change my jewelry. Your outfit is your canvas. When you see a woman walking down the street and she has that certain something, it's usually a great pair of shoes or her accessories that make her stand out.

I'm not that great at working accessories into my looks, but I'm working on it. Any advice for me?
Take the time to experiment a little. A lot of times happy accidents become your favorite looks. If you're thinking something is too bold, too big- try it on and see. I bet you'll say, 'I could totally rock this.'

Here's a peek at some of my favorites:


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