Stars Reveal Their Secret Essentials

Admit it- everyone has one fashion and beauty item (ok, maybe two…) that they can't live without. We asked stars like Miley Cyrus and Nicole Scherzinger to share their secrets with us. Check out what they had to say and see if you agree.

I had a very special co-host for this episode, Alisha Renee, who hosts the new season of BET's show, "My Black is Beautiful." If you haven't seen it already, you must check out the season premiere on May 2nd . Alisha is fantastic and since she came by, I had to ask her what she can't live without. Her answer: 4 and ½ inch stilettos!

My secret essential is either mascara or sunscreen. I burn so easily that I wear it pretty much every day, even just to walk around New York City.

Kelly Preston has a similar pick- moisturizer is her go-to beauty item. DWTS' Erin Andrews votes for a good concealer and a good deodorant. I love that she said that because, let's face it, even if we're not dancing on national TV, a good, sheer, nicely-scented deodorant that doesn't get on our clothes should always be at the top of our lists. Niecy Nash loves a sugar scrub and both Nicole Scherzinger and Ana Ortiz say- my fave- mascara.

When it comes to fashion essentials, Kelly Rutherford loves a classic white t-shirt. So does Miley Cyrus.

So what's on your secret essential list? We want to know! Send us an email or post on our Facebook page. And don't forget to check out Alisha on "My Black is Beautiful", Sundays at 1pm on BET starting May 2nd.

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