Take a Walk Down Memory Lane (In Your New Under $100 Clogs!)

These aren't your grandmother's clogs, ladies. Nor are they Crocs (thank GOD). While I thought I had sworn off clogs until I saw them stomp down the Spring runways of Chanel and Miu Miu, among others, it seems I'm changing my tune. Fashion IS cyclical, and it seems I'm again lusting over footwear I haven't seen since my hippie-chick phase in middle school. Luckily, the newest crop includes details like tough-girl studs, stacked wood cone heels, and even chains. And all of these click-to-buy options are under $100 each. Now THAT'S what's up. So, weave some flowers through your hair, turn up the Grateful Dead and get on board, people.

Seychelles Seychelles Lucky Brand Lucky Brand Mia Mia

Matisse Matisse

Newport News platform clog, $34.00.Newport News platform clog, $34.00.BCBG black leather clog, $54.02.BCBG black leather clog, $54.02.Steve Madden studs and chains clog, $79.95.Steve Madden studs and chains clog, $79.95.

Steve Madden peep-toe clog, $89.00.Steve Madden peep-toe clog, $89.00.

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