The best dresses for YOUR body (all under $100!)

If you're anything like me, you spent your teenage years idolizing (and emulating the style of) various singers, actresses and supermodels. Then, almost without realizing it, you simply grew into your own skin, pulling inspiration from these same women but translating it into a language your body understood. For example, when I was a 17-year-old Vogue intern, I arrived to work one day in a wispy little top (minus a bra, like all the beautiful models I worked around), only to be taken aside by a lovely fellow intern and told that, ahem, my girls needed more support. Today, I avoid loose-fitting clothes (they make me look like a tent), spaghetti straps, and anything too tight in the mid-section, and I feel WORLDS more confident. Girls, heed the advice below, and be comfortable in your own skin.

Women who are endowed up top can look pretty heavy if they don't take a few simple precautions. 1. Choose a dress with a v-neck. Many women will buy higher-necked dresses, but this simply emphasizes a fuller bust. Just go with it. 2. If you're going sleeveless, make sure your straps are wide enough for a bra. Say no to strapless (unless you've got an AMAZING strapless corset with boning underneath)! 3. Choose a dress that dips in either at your natural waist, or that has an empire waist. Otherwise you'll look like a tent.

Calvin Klein sheath, $59.97.Calvin Klein sheath, $59.97.Arden B. maxi dress, $89.Arden B. maxi dress, $89.

Adrianna Papell plus-size dress, $93.Adrianna Papell plus-size dress, $93.


Smaller-boned girls should avoid overwhelming their little frames. To do so, avoid volume, and instead play around with color and texture. Dresses shouldn't be too long, either. Prints are great, while bold colors are even better. And, there are always 5-inch platform heels!

Topshop petite dress, $56.Topshop petite dress, $ cobalt dress, $ cobalt dress, $53.79.Topshop lace dress, $100.Topshop lace dress, $100.


The important thing when choosing a dress to conceal an undesirable midsection is to skim over it and flaunt what else you've got. Empire-waists do a great job at this, as does artful draping. It's all smoke and mirrors. Just avoid anything too tight on the torso, instead focusing on fitted bust details and/or fitted sleeves.

Forever 21 empire waist dress, $27.80.Forever 21 empire waist dress, $27.80.Torrid dress, $64.Torrid dress, $64.Express dress, $59.90.Express dress, $59.90.


When you've got junk in your trunk and nowhere else, you're a pear-shaped girl. When shopping for a dress, gravitate towards silhouettes that flare out from the waist and show off your collarbone and shoulders. Spaghetti-strap dresses, flowy silk frocks and ruffles are fantastic options.

Asos dress, $98.62.Asos dress, $98.62.Urban Outfitters dress, $69.Urban Outfitters dress, $ kelly green dress, $ kelly green dress, $79.99.

If you're lacking in the curve department, you want to give the illusion that you're not. It's that simple. Try corset dresses (very feminine), halters (they emphasize your bust) and contrast seam stitching (which creates curves where they didn't exist before).

BB Dakota bustier dress, $87.BB Dakota bustier dress, $ contrast seam dress, $ contrast seam dress, $48.41.Bebe halter dress, $39.95.Bebe halter dress, $39.95.

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