The Old Spice Guy reveals how to make your man more macho

When Isaiah Mustafa auditioned to play the Old Spice Guy, he had no idea that the commercial would become the online sensation that it is- the original has more than 29 million views. But something about his deadpan delivery, the seamless special effects and his impressive former-football-player physique has made the character a hit. We caught up with Isaiah in New York City to talk about how the latest commercial, "Scent Vacation," was made and to get his style secrets. For a guy who became famous wearing a towel, we were impressed to learn that his favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood.

And while we had his attention, we asked Isaiah what every man must have to be as macho as the Old Spice Guy in real life.

1. Some Old Spice (obviously). The Fiji scent is his personal favorite because it smells like "palm trees, sunshine and freedom."

2. A pair of Converse All-Stars. These will never go out of style

3. Brown Boots. The slip-on ankle kind always look great with dark denim.

4. Black Boots. For when you've got an occasion to show off a good polish.

5. A black suit. If you think about it, you can wear the pants with a casual plaid shirt and the jacket over jeans, so really it's like a 3-in-1 purchase.

6. A classic white t-shirt. Or two.

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