Tim Gunn Unfiltered

Boy has Tim Gunn been on a roll. In his new book, "Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work," he calls out diva behavior in the fashion world and lays out his fashion don'ts-- Crocs, casual Fridays, everything in Hilary Clinton's closet. Check out what Tim had to say about his favorite First Lady (that would be Michelle) and a few of Yahoo's most searched celebrities including Lady Gaga, Blake Lively and the freshly re-vamped Kate Gosselin.

The reason I love Tim's advice is because it's honest and direct. Think of yourself as a series of thirds from your shoulders to your toes, and don't visually cut yourself in half. If you pay attention to silhouette, proportion and fit, you can wear basically anything. Thank God my outfit made the cut— a knee-length dress from Rachel Rachel Roy and a necklace from Old Navy!

When we talked about the style of the most searched women on Yahoo right now, Tim had some unexpected opinions. I figured he would love Gaga's flamboyance as much as I do. He had a different take: "It's not fashion," he said, "Those are costumes."

We were both on the same page when it comes to Michelle Obama's wardrobe. Tim feels the First Lady has done more for American fashion than Jackie O, even though people are quick to compare the two.  While Jackie was wearing Givenchy and other high-end European designers, Michelle chooses pieces that celebrate American designers, affordability and accessibility.

Do you want a copy of Tim's book? (You do—I've read it and it's awesome.) The first ten people to post on our Facebook wall and mention "Tim Gunn" will win an autographed copy.

Will this help YOU amplify your style?