Today’s fabulous CoverGirls

How many times has putting on a little lip gloss and eye shadow lifted your mood or transformed a perfectly fine outfit into something fabulously fierce? In this episode we're celebrating our obsession with makeup by celebrating our favorite accessible makeup brand—CoverGirl!— and its roster of gorgeous ambassadors.

CoverGirl's brand ambassadors have always been an impressive bunch. Back in the day Cybill Shepherd and Christie Brinkley used to show us how to look beautiful inside and out. At CoverGirl's 50th anniversary party it was incredible to see the current group photographed together: Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Dania Ramirez, Ellen DeGeneres and Taylor Swift.

Drew, who manages to be both glamorous and adorable at the same time, had a great message to share. In her opinion being a "CoverGirl" is not an exclusive honor. She insists it's a title open to any and everyone. "Everyone only knows to believe what you project," she said. "If you feel beautiful inside and you've got some good CoverGirl makeup on the outside you can be that girl!"

Thanks, Drew!

A makeup bag question for you.... You'll never catch us without a tube of LashBlast mascara (the brush is genius), Outlast Lipstain and the new NatureLuxe Silk foundation.

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