Travel in style with these must-haves

You don't need to hit the airport in six-inch heels like Victoria Beckham, or wear a leather straitjacket dress like Lady Gaga. But there's no need to abandon all sense of fashion and travel in your pajamas, either. We took some cues from our favorite jet-setting celebrities and created our list of fashionable, budget-friendly (and airport-friendly) travel essentials.

No. 1 Slip-on platform shoes. Make going through airport security easier by wearing shoes that are easy to get on and off. Instead of ballet flats, this season's clogs are a great option as they come in many colors and styles from platform to peep-toe.

No. 2 Metal-free jewelry. Right now some of our favorite necklaces and bangles at Old Navy and H&M are made out of brightly colored plastic. Walk right through security without setting off alarms.

No. 3 An oversized scarf. Wear a super-soft knit wrap scarf or even an inexpensive printed cotton option, and use it as a blanket in-flight. They never have enough on the plane!

No. 4 Expandable bag. Since you're limited to one overhead bag and one bag under your seat, a sizable and squishable tote that can hold your food, your computer, and even your purse, is the way to go.

No. 5 Your own headphones. Sometimes it's the little things like this that can make a flight- even a delayed one- bearable. Small, compact headphones are best for packing. And of course, fashionable ones are ideal. The bejeweled ones by Lady Gaga might be conversation starters in the right situation.



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