Lifestyle expert Moll Anderson tells us what to get for a new guy, a steady boyfriend, and an old flame

Interior designer Moll Anderson is famous for creating environments that make you want to curl up with a glass of wine and light a fire. Her new book, “The Seductive Home,” showcases some of her sexiest interiors which Anderson believes can make you feel “flirty and fabulous” much like a great dress. In fact, the first thing she does with clients is to take a look inside their closet to see what colors they feel comfortable in and what textures they’re drawn to— even if they don’t know it. Because Anderson is the master of divining desires, we thought we’d ask her for advice on one of the most challenging gift-giving days of the year. How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in a fun, hey-no-pressure way if you're in a new relationship? How do you treat a longtime love to something special? Here are her seductive suggestions:

For a guy you’ve been dating a few weeks:

“I love to give experiences. Find out what his favorite movies are and put together a fun basket with five 'all-guy' DVDs, exotic beers, snacks, and music. Tell him you’ll be happy to watch the movies with him. You’re creating a date night, and he doesn’t have to spend any money!”

For a guy you’ve been dating a few months:

“There’s nothing like a table for two. Set up a table in his apartment. You can use a card table or a coffee table. Order or make his favorite food. If it’s sushi, set the table with sake cups, bamboo, and candlelight. You might even dress the part! My whole thing is: You go for it, go all out. Wear something fabulous for him. Men respond-- and it will make him want to get you another dress!”


For a guy you’ve been dating (or married to) for years:

“I tell everyone, ‘You need to date forever.’ You can’t stop dating because you’re married. Instead of waiting for your guy to go to Victoria’s Secret and get you something you don’t want to put on-- be proactive. Find a lingerie store that’s appropriate for your personality. His present is that you take him with you. Say to  him, 'I’m going to try on three different outfits that I think are sexy and you get to pick which one is your gift.' Give your credit card to the salesgirl and let it be a surprise. After dinner you go home and get to wear the outfit he picked.”

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