Wardrobe staples that instantly shed the pounds

It’s time to wear skirts without tights and move the cozy sweaters to the back of the closet, which also means it’s time to get ourselves into warm-weather shape. If you haven’t already done that -- while you hit the gym and eat healthy, of course -- why not employ the following wardrobe tricks to make you look as if you’re already there? In this episode, let us introduce you to our slimming secrets for spring.

Illusion dresses

Even svelte celebrities rely on these once in a while for a little extra body slimming. A so-called “illusion”  dress is really just a tight dress with a darker pattern along the sides that acts as shading to make your overall shape appear narrower.


Wide leg pants + heels

You can go with super dark denim or any other material as long as it’s a dark color. The extra width in the pant leg means no tightness on your thighs-in-progress. Let the hem of the pants skim the floor so only a tiny bit of heel is revealed and your legs will look extra long.

Oversized bags

Celebrities know this trick well. If you want to look smaller, stand next to something bigger. The same is true for accessories, if you think about it. An oversized bag -- and who doesn’t need one anyway? --will make you appear smaller by comparison. Go for a bag with a long strap that will draw the eye downward.

Tuxedo jackets

One of the best tools you can use to camouflage bulk is a bit of structure, which is exactly what at tuxedo jacket provides. The long, skinny lapels also have a slenderizing effect.

Monochromatic black

It’s true that neons and florals are swirling all around us at the moment, but it is also true that there is no better virtual weight-loss trick than simply wearing head-to-toe black. The key is to vary the texture of the pieces you put together: A black bouclé blazer with a black cotton T-shirt, black denim skinny jeans and some black strappy wedges, for example.

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