Weird, Pricey Shoes!

I like to look at shoes like these and wonder about the lives of the women who wear them. Where is this bizarre and exorbitantly-priced footwear acceptable? One pair of the shoes below was born from the imagination of a famous rapper whose namesake sneakers just sold on eBay for over NINETY THOUSAND DOLLARS. The most expensive pair costs over eighty-nine times the cost of the world's most expensive hot dog. They're all so bad, you can't even look away. Click through and let us know which of these are so horrible that you kind of love them!

We are all so blessed to live in a world where these exist! This is the infant Barbie bassinette of my childhood dreams realized as footwear. (Meadham Kirchoff, $1,466)
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Thu, Jun 7, 2012 5:00 PM EDT

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