Style lessons from Carrie Underwood

We’d all love to have our own stylist (and while we’re in fantasy mode, I’d also like a personal chef), but here’s a way that we can feel as if we do. If we zero in on a celeb whose look we love and emulate her style philosophy, we can experience the direction her personal stylist has created for her. For me that celebrity is Carrie Underwood. It’s not so much that I try to wear the exact same designers that Carrie does. It’s more about taking cues from her overall vibe. When I think of Carrie’s style, I think sparkle, youthful glamour, and lots of leg (in a good way.) In this episode, we talk to Carrie and her stylist, Trish Townsend, about the country star’s style secrets and which part of a look is worth splurging on.

Did you see Carrie at the ACM Awards? Have you checked out the gorgeous ombre gray gown she wears on the cover of her new album Blown Away? The girl always gets it right. Here are some style rules we’ve learned from the many looks Carrie and Trish have created.

It's all about the balance

Carrie loves to show off her legs, but if she puts on a mini, she’ll keep the neckline modest. On the flip side, if her dress has a plunging V-neck or a low-back cutout, she’ll go with a floor-length hem as a counterbalance. It’s sexier that way.

Match a bold hairstyle with subtler makeup

If Carrie’s in the mood for dramatic makeup, she’ll keep her hairstyle less extreme. On the other hand, if she’s going to experiment with a complex updo, she’ll showcase her glowing skin with more natural makeup. The singer happens to be Olay's celebrity spokesperson so it's not surprising that the secret to her healthy, radiant complexion is Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer. It gives her a great base for her makeup and includes sunscreen as a bonus!

Learn what works for your body

It’s hard to believe it when you hear her powerful voice, but Carrie is tiny! You’ll never see her in a dress that overwhelms her frame, though. She picks pieces that are in proportion, and she knows how to create the illusion of mile-long legs.

Spend extra on shoes

Carrie’s stylist, Trish Townsend, insists that shoes can make an outfit. Most high-end brands will lend shoes to celebrities, but Trish says that if the loaners don’t have the effect she’s looking for, she will pay any price for some knockout heels.

Belts add personality

You can make any off-the-rack outfit your own by adding a belt, as Carrie often does. A belt adds polish and distinctiveness and draws the eye to a slim waist if you have one and want to show it off.

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