Which 5 modern women are beautiful inside and out?

We’re all about cute outfits and fabulous makeup, but when it comes to defining what's 'beautiful,' I think we can all agree what’s inside a person carries at least the same weight as -- if not more thank-- the superficial things. When we asked our fans on Facebook to nominate the modern women they feel are the most beautiful inside and out, they responded with some inspiring choices and some thoughtful observations that we had to share with you. Also in this episode, meet (and tweet) Casey Sanders, our social media producer who helms our show’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

These five women are remarkable and inspiring in their own ways. It's a given that they know a thing or two about style. See what our Threaders had to say about what makes them exceptional.

Sandra Bullock

The Oscar winner is a clear stunner, and in our opinion, she looks even more beautiful at 47 than she did 10 years ago. Threaders admire the way she weathered the very public implosion of her personal life “with class and grace” and the fact that, even with all her fame and fortune, she seems like a regular person you could sit and have coffee with.

Kate Middleton

Whether it’s her wedding day or a school visit, the Duchess of Cambridge knows how to look elegant, appropriate, and relatable. Our FB fans say the most beautiful thing about Kate is how humble and “unassuming” she is. We love that she wears the same outfit more than once (like the rest of us do!) and does her own grocery shopping.

Oprah Winfrey

This one’s not really a surprise, is it? Threaders love her strength of character and the fact that, during her decades-long career, she has strived to lift others up, not knock them down. She is a business role model who proves to women that they, too, can run the show.

Ellen DeGeneres

Humor is a beautiful thing. The comedian/actress/talk show host brings awareness to important causes— she’s a big supporter of New Orleans, her hometown— and breaks stereotypes: She’s a Covergirl at age 50! Threaders love the fact that even though she lives in Hollywood, she is in tune with what's going on in the real world.

Angelina Jolie

And speaking of causes, the supermom of six created the Jolie-Pitt Foundation (with her partner, Brad Pitt, in case you live under a rock) to aid humanitarian causes and is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She travels the world on field missions, which she hopes will bring awareness to the plight of refugees around the globe. And in her spare time, she’s made the transition to director with “In the Land of Blood and Hone,y” a romance that takes place during the Bosnian War.

What modern women do you think are the most beautiful inside and out? Vote in our poll and let us know.

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