Who are you wearing for Halloween? Check out our favorite celebrity-inspired costumes

At The Thread, we don't celebrate Halloween by hitting the costume shop. We create a unique look inspired by our favorite celebrity, something that amplifies their signature fashion choices. Check out our interpretations of five ladies with distinctive style. All of our "costumes" were plucked from the racks of retailers, which means they're affordable and, when appropriate, can even be integrated into your regular post-holiday wardrobe.

No. 1 Snooki: The perma-taned, pint-sized guidette has become a recognizable anti-fashion icon. I felt like a cross between Elvira and Wilma Flintstone- in a good way-with my Snooki wig and animal-print mini dress. We know she has bangs now, but we couldn't resist her trademark bouffant.

No. 2 Rihanna: You've got to be pretty gutsy to walk around in Rihanna's wardrobe, but Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw on the corset top and combat boots. A crimson wig is required, of course.

No. 3 Rachel Zoe: Fur vests, bell bottoms, oversized sunglasses, and lots of jangly gold bracelets are some of the pieces you'll need to create the star stylist's '70s vibe. Also key: a Venti Starbucks and a Blackberry-"I die!"

No. 4 Katy Perry: To transform into Katy you'll need to capture her sugary sweet sexiness. We think the best way to do this is with sequined hot pants (come on, when else are you going to wear them?), black liquid eyeliner, and giant swirl lollipops.

No. 5 Lady Gaga: If you dress up as Gaga this year, you will not be alone. But which Gaga will you choose? Short of the impractical meat dress, there are so many options. We went with the Gaga who loves leopard, futuristic sunglasses and platinum hair with canary-yellow extensions.

Wig note: all of the fabulous hairpieces in this episode came from Ricky's NYC a great beauty resource!

So, which of our Halloween divas would you like to dress up as? Vote in our poll!



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