Why You Need To Own Nail Polish Inspired By 11-Year-Olds

The hands-down (pun intended) easiest way to add a shot of flair to your look is a funky manicure, and this winter, we're taking our cues from the junior high style set. This is THE beauty trend of the season, and you do NOT want to get left behind. Let's talk glitter, day-glo color and adorable packaging!

Hard Candy, $4.00. 1. Hard Candy was my obsession when I was a kid. My friends and I traded those cube-like bottles of polish with the matching plastic jelly rings like they were going out of style. And they did! It was discontinued for awhile to my dismay, and after a brief reappearance at Sephora, they're now at Wal-mart for only FOUR DOLLARS. Go buy them; you owe it to your Courtney Love-listening 13-year-old self.

Hello Kitty at Sephora, $10.2. In the same vein, who didn't love Hello Kitty? I was actually a Kero Kero Keroppi fan myself, if we're being honest (NERD ALERT!), but that's another story for another time. Luckily for all us nostalgic folk, there are tons of collaborations with the cute little feline. Sephora, for one, is offering an adorable array of polishes to choose from. I'm partial to this sheer, red sparkly one.

OPI, $15.3. Nail art has sure come a long way from creating white polka dots on your red nails with a bottle of your mom's White-Out. These days, there are adhesives (like these dope patterned ones from OPI!) for that. This package includes 16 stickers for $15. The world is your oyster, but I'd go for the checkers or lace designs, if I were you.

Anna Sui, $15. 4. I love the unique, slightly weird colors of this Anna Sui nail polish collection. They all have a hint of sparkle and pearlescence, which is so very deliciously juvenile. They're sold at Urban Outfitters, and they're worth buying for the gothic packaging styling alone, dontcha think?

CoverGirl, $3.00.5. Glitter! GLITTER ALWAYS. Self-explanatory. This one is three dollars, so there's no reason why you shouldn't have one at home and one on your desk at work.

Essie, $8.00.6. Choose the color that would most irritate adults when you were a kid and apply two coats to freshly scrubbed and filed nails. It's green, people. Green. Green is the least lady-like nail color but, let's be honest, it looks SO fresh. Do it. Essie makes a great one called Pretty Edgy.

Pop Beauty, $10.7. Neon nails came back with a vengeance a few seasons ago, but they're not going anywhere. The best part about them is that they make your skin look so tan! When choosing one, I say anything goes; but a good rule of thumb would be to channel whatever your favorite colored shiny leggings were in elementary school and go with that. These are from Pop beauty and well, they rule.

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