Zooey Deschanel's Love of Retro

Warning: this is a lovefest. One reason we love Zooey Deschanel so much is because she loves EVERYONE so much. As co-founder of the women's site, Hello Giggles, she produces content for "smart, independent and creative females," in a safe, hilarious and positive environment. Isn't that refreshing? She also stars in a new film with Paul Rudd (SWOON!) called "Our Idiot Brother" which is already garnering rave reviews, AND her new FOX series "The New Girl" starts September 20th. One last reason we crush so hard on the girl: her style is so fabulous! Zooey really knows how to dress for her body (something we're always pushing here on The Thread), and does so in the most colorful, beautiful variety of retro-style dresses! Oh, how I'd love 15 minutes to raid her closet; my haul would be INSANE. Check out the gallery below for some fantastic dress inspiration courtesy of Miss Deschanel.

Will this help YOU amplify your style?