Dune Road - a book review

Jane Green is my favorite living British author. She is hilarious, romantic, and she tells a good story. I cheered along with Jemima J, suffered with the Babyville crew, and Swapping Lives got me through a brutally, long international flight.

While some may sneer and call her novels fluff, rubbish, or chick-lit, I must protest. Though Green throws in a little bit of fluff and rubbish (think fashion and sex), she also writes a story with heart. For this reason, I must read her; I can't put her books down; she is my literary soul-mate.

Dune Road does not disappoint. It is the story of Kit Hargrove, an ex "Wall Street widow" who rediscovers her true self after her divorce. The book takes place in Connecticut, which is not surprising since Green is a transplanted Londoner. In the novel, Kit redefines herself through a fulfilling job with a famous writer, female friends of all ages, and a burgeoning love interest.

The novel raises several interesting questions: Whom can we trust? How important is money? What does it take for a marriage to function or survive? All of these questions are explored and some answered through Green's rich character development and plot twists.

Green's novel asks us to know ourselves, so that we can have meaningful relationships. It explores family relationships, friendships, and of course, true love. It shows us that "loving requires acts of love" (307).

Though this novel is not what you would call a "classic," it is a worthwhile read that entertains and educates the reader. It made me examine myself and my marriage. It made me think about my life.

The novel can curently be found online at Barnes and Noble for the amazing price of $5.98 (hardcover).

*Image from BarnesandNoble.com