"Sherlock Holmes:The Complete Novels & Stories" Vol.1 Book Review

Sherlock Holmes:The Complete Novels and Stories
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
with an introduction by Loren D. Estleman

Let me begin by saying that I LOVE Sherlock Holmes. I will watch
the really old OLD movies on PBS and stay up at unreal hours of
the night to do so.

When I found this book with a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories,
I almost left my cart in the aisle and went straight to the checkout and home!
This book goes anywhere I go, if I know I will be delayed by waiting for an
appointment, mine or someone elses. I have found myself saying things like,
"oh yeah, I'll be glad to take you, I've got a good book and you just take your time."
You think I'm kidding? I am serious! I now find excuses to give someone a ride!

I will in NO way critique Sir Arthur Conan Doyle...my mama did not
raise a dummy! I love his careful depiction of the everyday, the color of
the fog in the early morning sunshine, the smells of the market in London,
the way the train whistle sounds as they rush through the night to a
manor house in the countryside, where of course, there has been
"a murder most foul". His scientific knowledge of the day is amazing,
and his "deducing powers"...well after all, you expect nothing less
from the great man Holmes! And I discovered that Dr.Watson was not
the bumbling fool that the old movies made him out to be. Holmes
depended quite a bit on Dr. Watson, always explaining his presence to clients,
"this is my most trusted colliege and confidant. Anything you have to say
can be said in his presence." Many times Holmes would ask him if he had
his pistol, or to bring it with him. Dr.Watson was an ex military man and
apparently a very good shot. A little trivia. Did you know that Holmes
was "bested" (outsmarted) by a woman and she got away?
Did you know that Dr.Watson met and married one of Holmes clients?

This book is a treasure chest of stories, 38 all together and this is only volume 1.
The character Sherlock Holmes, first appeared in 1887 and between Vol.1 & 2
there are 56 short stories and 4 novels featuring the famous detective.
I have yet to find volume 2 but I am on the hunt for it, believe me, and when I do
find it, and I will, these two books will be ones I do not loan out or share!

The collection is published by Bantam Classic.
This one is in paperback form,1059 (glorious!) pages.
The suggested retail price is (only!) $6.95

for more info you may go to www.bantamdell.com

Happy sleuthing, uh, I mean reading! :0)

Update:Read ALL 1059 PAGES and never
a dull moment was to be found!
These stories were full of twists and
turns and Watson was right there for
all of them. I have come to greatly respect
(if you can say that about a fictional character)
Dr.Watson, I must say.
Sherlock without Watson would not work!

Now, on to volumn 2 ! :0)