User Post: "Get Real" and Stop Dieting" Book Review

Until I read "Get Real" and Stop Dieting I thought I was eating healthy. I had paid a small fortune for my prepackaged "healthy" diet plan. Yet by the end of the book's introduction, I realized I was misinformed. I was on a "DIET" but I was not eating healthy. I felt like the duped emperor in "The Emperor's New Clothes" and Brett was the child in the audience pointing out that not only didn't I have anything on, but if I continued to be dazzled by "claims" and bought into "DIETING" I was destined to walk naked down the boulevard again and again.

If you are the type of person that runs for cover at the thought of reading another diet book, you can come out of hiding. While this book has comprehensive dietary and nutritional information, a shopping list and recipes to get started immediately, this is not a diet book. Brett Blumenthal has drawn upon her years of experience as an advisor and consultant in the wellness and spa industry to create an easy to follow map. Her knowledge and advice will lead you out of the wilderness of misconceptions and through the maze of latest fads. She illuminates the way to a healthier lifestyle that will sustain you the rest of your life.

Brett does not focus on weight loss. There is no need. If you return to the basics, the excess weight falls off. Brett has created a tool box with this book that will provide you with all you need to transform your thoughts, life and body. She has gives you healthy substitutions so that you can take your favorite recipes and re-invent them so that they will not only taste great but provide your body the nourishment it needs.

I highly recommend this book. Only 138 pages long, it is a fast read that is packed cover to cover with more information than a month at an all inclusive spa. At a cost of $19.95, it is a great investment. Think about it, $19.95, you get a new life, now that is a bargain.

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