How to tie a headscarf

A headscarf is an on-trend and a fashion-forward accessory for fall. Prevalent on the runways, a headscarf was used extensively by some designers to accessorize their couture collection, while others used it to denote ethnic fashion. Whatever may be the reason, a headscarf continues to be on the forefront for the bold and the experimental.

Points to remember

Just like any other skill, tying a headscarf requires practice. With choices running the gamut, you need to choose a style that complements your face and body.

Curvy women may choose silk and chiffon scarves that are definitely lighter; however, they tend to slip, when styled. Choosing a small square silk scarf keeps things manageable and under control.

On the other hand, cotton scarves are heavier and easier to control. They are perfect choices for petite women who want to add some height to their stature.

Although I have tried several styles on my daughter, the turban-styled head wrap remains a personal favorite. It is simple and stylish and adds the perfect drama to her look. We used a rectangular long scarf to style it.

Steps to tie your headscarf

Prior to tying, tie your hair in a bun or a ponytail or use a broad stretched hairband to pull the hair off your face.

Step 1: Put the headscarf on your head the long way and allow the ends to fall in the front. Make sure that the two lengths of the scarf are equal in length.

Step 2: Take the ends, turn around and tie the ends at the back (right at the nape of your neck).

Step 3: Adjust and make sure that the knot is tight and secured. Covering your ears or leaving them exposed is a personal styling preference. You may choose to have a nonchalant air by not following your hairline; however, fashionistas who prefer a more formal look may make sure that the scarf complements their hairline.

Step 4: Take one end of the scarf, take it across your head (in the middle) and wrap it around your bun/ponytail. Use your thumb to secure it in place.

Step 5: You may choose to do the same with the second end; however, if you feel it makes your head feel heavier, take the other end and wrap it around your bun. Stick the ends in the back and adjust accordingly.

For fall, choose colors that reflect the spirit of the season. While solids are friendlier, vintage prints and patterns add a retro feel to your look. Play around with this basic style and then progress to more intricate options.

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