Tips for getting your coworkers to like you

No one wants to work in an environment where they feel like they're outcasts and not liked by their coworkers. While you may feel like it's you that's the problem, it could actually be that they're feeling you out to see what you're like or just may not be used to new coworkers. Regardless of the reason, you don't have to sit back and just hope things change. There are several things you can do to make the process go more quickly and smoothly and before long you'll have several new friends and be working in a more pleasant environment.

Bribe them with treats

I'm convinced a lot of problems can be solved with some really good brownies or cupcakes. Bring in a batch of homemade treats then put them in the break room once a week. It may seem like too much effort, but it's an easy way to grab the attention of coworkers who may just need a conversation starter (and sugar) to open up to you. Don't forget to include a list of ingredients with the plate just in case some have allergies.

Don't try too hard

It's difficult to like someone who reeks of desperation, so if you're trying too hard, it's going to turn people away rather than draw them to you. Be nice, but don't kiss up to everyone you cross paths with.

Put a conversation piece on your desk

The best way to draw coworkers to your desk is to put out a bowl of candy, but if you'd rather not, then at last put out something that's going to be a conversation starter whether it's a statue, photo or knick-knack. Make sure whatever you put out is going to grab attention in a positive way, not a negative one.

Compliment one person a day

Everyone loves compliments, so each day, make it a point to give one to a different coworker. Rather than focusing on someone's looks, compliment clothing or hairstyle.

Be positive and happy

When you're a positive and happy person, it draws people to you. Come across as negative and miserable and coworkers are going to be avoiding you as much as possible. Even if you're not thrilled to be at work that day or you have a hundred things going wrong in your life, fake it and plaster a smile on your face.

Watch the annoying habits

Cook a garlic dish in the microwave? Constantly tap the pen on your desk when you share the space with someone else? Annoying habits are going to get you nowhere with your coworkers. If you want to get in good with those you work with, be careful that you're not annoying them.

Partake in social functions

It's a bit difficult to get to know your coworkers while you're actually in the office, so your best bet is to partake in social functions once the work day is over. Go out for dinner, grab some drinks or just head out for manicures with the girls. Whatever you do, it'll be a good opportunity for you to bond with your coworkers.

You don't have to hide out in your cubicle because you think your coworkers don't like you. Give them a reason to! It may be a little nerve-wracking to put yourself out there, but it can also be great for your career as well as your social life. Your boss will appreciate that you're a team player, and should you decide to move on to a different place of employment, you never know if one of the coworkers you meet could be the lead you need for the position you want. Take it step-by-step and soon enough you'll feel like part of the group.

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