Tips on growing out your eyebrows

Over the years, I have had a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows. During my high school years, big bushy brows were all the rage (thanks Brooke Shields) and that suited my furry brow-pillars just fine. As I got older, my eyebrow styles evolved to follow popular beauty trends. In between these "transitions," I've had to wait out my brow hair, which can take an annoying six to eight weeks to fully fill in. What a pain! It is hard to look pretty when your eyebrows look crazy. When I want to grow my eyebrows out, I add these steps to my beauty regimen.

I massage brows daily. I can't speak for everyone, but my hair growth responds to a good massage. Rubbing my hair follicles stimulates growth because massaging releases those healthy oils. To massage my brows, I use a clean eyebrow brush. After my nightly face washing, I brush the brows back and forth for a few seconds each. It feels great and helps me grow out my eyebrows.

I condition the brows with vitamin oil daily. I prefer vitamin E oil but there are great vitamin oil blends out there too. I do not recommend oiling your eyebrows before work; you could lose your makeup. I dab mine on before bed. Supplying those follicles with a little healthy oil lets helps the hairs feel stronger, thicker as it grows.

Pick the right pencil. During the growing period, use an eyebrow pencil to hide the stubble. Pick a pencil color that is a shade lighter than your brow hair color. It is much easier to go darker with two applications than to lighten a too-dark color. Sharpen the tip of the pencil weekly to get the best color. Pencil over the stubble using light, feathery strokes.

Try an eyebrow stencil while you grow out brows. What an amazingly handy tool a stencil is! Use the stencil as a guide, plucking away any wild sprouts that appear outside the lines. You want to grow out the eyebrow but in a full, manicured way. Random hairs around your brows are never pretty.

Pluck hairs with slanted tip tweezers. Tugging repeatedly at your hairs with shabby tweezers can make the skin turn red. Splurge on a good tool that allows you to hit specific hairs not snatch out a bunch.

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