Tips for meeting a decent guy at a bar

A bar certainly isn't the best place to meet a decent guy. Most guys don't go to bars to meet potential girlfriends; they are just looking for a one night stand. But there are still plenty guys who are looking to meet someone special when they go out to a bar. With that being said, you shouldn't give up trying to meet a potential love interest at a bar. Here are some tips for meeting a decent guy at a bar.

Don't get too drunk

While it's perfectly okay to have a couple of cocktails, you should avoid getting totally bombed. If you are walking around all lopsided or doing body shots on top of a table, a guy probably won't see you as a girl he could bring home to mom.

Don't come with a bunch of friends

If you go to the bar with several of your girlfriends, a guy will be less likely to come up and talk to you. It can be very intimidating going up to a woman when she is surrounded by all of her friends. If you don't want to go to the bar by yourself, just bring along one girlfriend.

Avoid dressing in very revealing clothing

You probably won't meet a decent guy if you let everything hang out when you go to a bar. Most guys will just pay attention to your body instead of your mind if you wear a very revealing outfit. I'm not saying you have to wear a turtleneck, but you will definitely will want to leave something to the imagination.

Go up and talk to a guy you find attractive

Don't just wait for a guy to come and talk to you. Go up to one and start a conversation. For example, if you see a guy sitting by himself at a bar, take a seat next to him and ask him how his night is going. Going up to a guy at a bar can be very intimidating at first, but it really won't be that bad. Plus, guys love confident women.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to find a decent guy at a bar in no time.

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