Tips for meeting guys on Facebook

For many of us, Facebook is a part of our every day lives, so why shouldn't it be another way to meet guys if the opportunity presented itself? You obviously don't want to use the site for that purpose, but it could be an added bonus. In the age of constant socialization and networking, you may have done it without even realizing it. There are a couple of guys I've dated who, had it not been for the site, I may otherwise not have met. If you're single and looking to expand your dating pool, Facebook could be a way to do just that. There are several ways to go about it so you don't seem more awkward than alluring.

Mention a guy to your friend

If you come across a guy you think you would click with, mention him to your mutual friend and ask if she would mind introducing the two of you in person. It's a good option for meeting the guy in a casual setting where there's no pressure or awkwardness.

Comment on friend's posts

You already comment on friend's posts, but if you want to get a guy's attention in that manner, have something worth saying. An "lol" or "I feel the same" isn't going to cut it. If your friend posts something asking for an opinion or it's a debate topic, don't shy away from it; offer up your comments. I've had a couple of guys contact me in the past just for what I wrote on posts and we, at the very least, became friends.

Address a guy in a comment

If you see a guy's opinion in a comment that strikes a nerve with you, respond directly to him about it in the comment. The two of you could start a discussion within the post and take it private later on should you so choose.

Send a private message

Should a guy catch your eye, send him a message, introduce yourself and let him know why you're contacting him. Some make the mistake of just sending a friend request. While that's the least scary option, it typically just comes off as strange and he's going to wonder who you are.

Message a guy you haven't talked to in awhile

You probably have quite a few guys on your friends list who could be potential mates, but who you haven't talked to in awhile. Now is as good a time as any to start up a conversation. Either send over a message or comment on a post or two of his. A good ice breaker is to tell him that something recently reminded you of him and you wanted to see how he was doing.

You already use Facebook to stay in touch with friends, so there's no problem with making the most of it by getting a few dates (at least) out of it. Several friends of mine met their partners through Facebook and a couple even got married. You never know when once sentence can change everything.

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