Tips for saving money on Halloween decorations

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to start putting out the creepy and spooky décor for the holiday. You may want to completely deck out your home in cotton spider webs and faux skulls, but all of these decorations can add up to some big bucks if you're not careful. Despite the large price tag usually associated with decorating a home for Halloween, it doesn't mean you actually have to spend a ton of money. There are a variety of ways you can decorate your home for the holiday and still have money left over for plenty of Halloween candy.

Shop at the dollar store

I just came back from the dollar store and it's chock full of Halloween decorations. I'm not talking about the kind that look like they're going to crumble at the first gust of wind, I mean good quality décor that you actually want to buy and use around your home. Dollar stores have come a long way, so they should be your first stop if you want to save money on Halloween décor.

Shop at thrift stores and garage sales

Many are starting to clean out for the upcoming holidays, which means they'll be getting rid of everything they don't want, including Halloween décor they no longer use. Shop around at thrift stores and garage sales and see if you can find some good deals on Halloween décor.

Check out Craigslist

Check out the Craigslist site in your local area and you'll likely find a huge amount of Halloween decorations for sale. One of the best things about Craigslist is that you can try to negotiate on the price, especially if you're interested in purchasing more than one item from the same seller. Make sure not to do online transactions and to meet the seller in a public, well-lit place.

Buy pumpkins at the grocery store or grow them yourself

It's great to pick pumpkins yourself, but it can be pretty expensive and not everyone can afford shelling out all that cash. A less expensive option is to grow them yourself if you have the space. You can also pick them up at the grocery store, which is typically cheaper than picking them yourself.

Have a decorations raffle

Gather a group of your friends together and have a decorations raffle. Everyone can bring over the Halloween decorations they don't want, put them all out on a table or floor with a cup in front of each one. Everyone can write their name on paper strips then put one strip in each glass for an item they want. When everyone is finished, one person can pull a name out of each glass for the winner of the item.

Make your own decorations

Making your own Halloween décor is typically much cheaper than using store-bought items. For example, buy inexpensive hand towels from the dollar store, adhere a Halloween iron on patch on each one and you have a Halloween towel set that would have cost you $10 or more in the store. With the variety of tutorials, especially through Pinterest, the possibilities for the types of Halloween décor you can create are endless.

Decorating for the holiday doesn't have to mean emptying out your bank account. Even on a tight budget, you can still decorate your home in spooky décor for Halloween. A little imagination, time and effort can go a really long way.

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