Tips for saving money on jeans

Finding a pair of jeans that feels comfortable and looks flattering is almost like a religious experience. So rare and treasured are those moments that many women stick to the same brand and style, year after year. Unfortunately, that leaves a few of us wearing the dreaded "mom jeans" or worse. (Is there such a thing?) Like many a denim-lover, I consider jeans shopping an investment; still, it's not like I'm buying a house.

I try to save money on clothing whenever I can. I regularly apply these shopping rules when I am ready to replace a pair of blue jeans. (Which isn't as often as I should, I am guessing.)

Go dark! Washed out jeans are literally washed out. Manufacturers don't just toss them into the washing machine with a little bleach. Harsh chemicals that unfortunately soften and degrade the fabric can really age the denim. Save money and buy darker, less treated blue jeans. They'll last longer!

Buy off-season. We love shedding those jeans in summer and sliding into cooler shorts. (Retailers know this too!) Blue jeans sales soar during the late summer. Buy your favorite jeans during the off-season and save a few dollars maybe even more. Worried about missing a hot trend? Don't be. Blue jean trends don't move that fast!

Cruise thrift stores. Patient people find treasures. It's hit and miss at the thrift store but this savvy shopper has "struck lucky" more than once. Make a weekly or monthly thrift store shopping trip part of your shopping regimen. If you do get lucky, keep looking. It's possible that you could find several pairs of jeans in one trip.

Shop online for big deals. Online jeans stores sometimes send exclusive offers to their email customers via online coupons or codes that reduce the clothing price. It's worth a shot! One school year, I was able to "buy one get one free" on a major brand for the kids. I racked up. (Check your junk mail regularly.)

Look for blends. Get a better fit and a cheaper price by buying a denim blend. Denim blends stretch and give when you do. They are harder to rip and so much cheaper! Read the label or the description and look flexible fabrics.

I also belong to a fashion share page on Facebook. I can't tell you how many times I've grabbed great clothing from this source.

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